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A derivative lawsuit is a lawsuit whereby a shareholder of a corporation sues a third party on behalf of the corporation. Any recovery from such lawsuits are the property of the corporation, not the shareholder who brought the lawsuit. Often times, the defendant of a derivative lawsuit will be someone close to the corporation, such as a director or corporate officer, who has allegedly engaged in, or continues to engage in, improper conduct to the detriment of the corporation. However, a shareholder cannot bring a derivative lawsuit whenever he, she, or it wishes. In Florida, derivative lawsuits are governed by § 607.07401, Florida Statutes, stating in pertinent part:

(2) A complaint in a proceeding brought in the right of a corporation must…allege with particularity the demand made to obtain action by the board of directors and that the demand was refused or ignored by the board of directors…

As such, under Florida law, a shareholder must first make a demand to the board of directors to bring the lawsuit. It is only when the board of directors refuses to bring such an action that the shareholder may file the derivative suit. In some cases, however, a shareholder may attempt to circumvent the pre-suit demand requirement by alleging it would be “futile” to bring such a demand to the board of directors. The Fort Lauderdale business litigation attorneys at the Mavrick Law Firm have successfully defended corporate officers and directors in corporate derivative actions.

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