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A warranty is either an express or implied representation about the quality or fitness of a given consumer product.   When a warranty is breached, it usually occurs under the following circumstances:

  • A specific promise made by a seller or producer of a product is not honored
  • When a product is defective or in an unsafe condition at the time of the sale, whether or not the defect is apparent
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Disputes among shareholders happen for a wide variety of reasons and if not properly addressed, can result in serious financial and legal problems.  In general, the specific rights and responsibilities of shareholders vary according to the particular corporate form as well as the procedures used in implementing and enforcing them.  Corporations, partnerships and other business entities also can alter the default provisions of Florida law through drafting bylaws and agreements tailored to the form of the business entity, and develop other agreements that specifically anticipate and address the kinds of situations that shareholders might need to resolve.Regardless of the preventative measures that businesses can implement to avoid shareholder disputes, there is no foolproof way to prevent these types of issues.  Typically, both minority and majority shareholders tend to raise disputes over the following:

  • Decisions made by owners or managers of the company
  • The alleged breach of fiduciary duties by corporate officers and owners due to disloyalty, self-dealing, or not acting in the best interests of the company
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Employers constantly face the threat of employment discrimination lawsuits under federal laws and state equivalents.  In Florida, most discrimination cases are filed under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the Florida Civil Rights Act.

Over the past two decades, the number of employment discrimination lawsuits has dramatically risen, making employment litigation one of the most expensive areas of the law for companies in Florida and across the United States.  Overall, the increase in the number of employment discrimination cases has generally been caused by amendments that have expanded the rights and categories of protected individuals under the various anti-discrimination laws. For example, the types of discrimination now prohibited under state and federal employment laws include not only race, but also:

  • Gender
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