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An oral agreement is usually binding but not always. Florida has a statute of frauds so certain types of contracts are not binding unless they’re in writing and signed by the party against whom it’s charged. For example, selling a house or a piece of real property requires a written agreement. It has to be signed by the other party. Commercial leases exceeding a year’s length will need to be in writing. There’s a witness requirement of 2 witnesses to the execution of the lease. Many other contracts can be enforced simply because they’re oral contracts where one part has agreed and as somebody has often said, its simply a handshake where they’ve mutually agreed orally as to what the contract is.

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A lease guarantee is a promise by somebody to pay the obligations under the lease, separate from the signatory to the lease. This typically will happen where a business owner will lease premises in a shopping center. The business will sign a lease and the landlord of the shopping center will demand that the business owner himself personally sign a promise that it will pay for what’s owed in the lease in case the business doesn’t pay. Those are very risky documents to sign sometimes because sometimes the business owner many years later will sell the business and forget that it had this guarantee. If the new buyer years later breaches the lease the shopping center owner, the landlord sometimes will come after the guarantor. The business owners often have to be very careful to revoke the guarantee.

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