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Attorney Peter Mavrick recently defended Soroka’s International, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, Broward Circuit Court, in a case seeking a prejudgment writ of replevin. The case arose from a business dispute among former owners of a business, and their separation from each other. The plaintiffs, Event Horizon Glass Corp. and Luis Gonzales Stained Glass, Inc. sought a prejudgment writ of replevin to compel attorney Peter Mavrick’s client to produce numerous pieces of equipment and machinery. Obtaining a prejudgment writ of replevin in this case involved a type of emergency legal proceeding. The trial court sets a hearing on short notice where the parties have to appear, testify, and explain the ownership of personal property that at least one party wants to possess immediately.

At the evidentiary hearing in this case, witnesses testified about the machinery and who was the owner. However, the evidence did not demonstrate that the plaintiffs were the owners of the machinery or that Soroka’s International, Inc. had possession of anything owned by the plaintiffs. At the end of the hearing, the Judge refused to grant the prejudgment writ of replevin.

Thereafter, Mr. Mavrick’s clients, Soroka’s International, Inc. and its owner, counterclaimed. Eventually a default was entered in favor of Mr. Mavrick’s clients as to their counterclaims. The plaintiffs did not further pursue the issue of replevin.

Attorney Peter Mavrick practices in the field of business and labor/employment litigation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His law office phone number is (954) 564-2246. Information contained in this article is accurate as of September 2008. This article is for general information use only, and does not substitute for specifically tailored legal advice.

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