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Peter Mavrick, a Fort Lauderdale lawyer, recently successfully defended a local company, Roadrunner Permit Processor, Inc., that was sued for receipt of allegedly unwanted advertising. However, the plaintiff also advertised its contact information in printed advertisements. Roadrunner contended that it did not violate any law because the printed advertisements constituted a solicitation for Roadrunner’s and other advertisements.

Before Roadrunner hired attorney Peter Mavrick, the plaintiff demanded payment of several thousand dollars. Despite the threat of further litigation, Roadrunner refused to pay that because it believed it did nothing wrong. In addition, Roadrunner contended that the lawsuit was without merit because the plaintiff never received the advertisements. Instead, another company received the advertisement at the same address.

Attorney Peter Mavrick argued at a hearing before a Broward County Judge that the initial lawsuit filed by the first company lacked merit. The Judge agreed. The Judge determined that Roadrunner was entitled to reimbursement of its legal expenses associated with the lawsuit, because the case lacked an adequate basis under the law. The same law firm that represented the original plaintiff, filed another lawsuit against Roadrunner asserting grounds similar to the first lawsuit. Eventually, the case settled with Roadrunner paying nothing to either of the plaintiffs. Roadrunner admitted no wrongdoing.

Attorney Peter Mavrick practices in the field of business and labor/employment litigation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His law office phone number is (954) 564-2246. Information contained in this article is accurate as of September 2008. This article is for general information use only, and does not substitute for specifically tailored legal advice.

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