The Mavrick Law Firm has successfully represented clients in legal disputes involving breach of lease agreements and other real property contracts, lease guarantees, interference with real property rights, condominium associations, land-use rights, adverse possession of real property, easements, interference with real property contractual rights, as well as real estate related fraud.


Mr. Mavrick begins by meeting with the client to determine the client’s needs.  Real property litigation requires a careful review of the relevant contracts and other documents.  Every case contains factual and legal details that must be pieced together to determine whether the client’s objectives can be achieved.  For example, in a recent successful defense of a commercial tenant in a commercial landlord-tenant lawsuit, Mr. Mavrick reviewed the contract and determined that the contract lacked critical features required for enforceability under Florida law.  Mr. Mavrick prevailed on two motions to dismiss the case and then sought recovery of his client’s legal expense.   As another example, in a real property easement case, Mr. Mavrick was able to obtain a court order that barred interference with his client’s real property easement.