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Employment Litigation Lawyer

The Fort Lauderdale labor and employment attorneys at Mavrick Law Firm have experience in virtually every area of employment law. Mr. Mavrick has, for example, successfully represented numerous businesses in the defense of claims for race discrimination, alleged sexual harassment, race discrimination, disability discrimination, sex discrimination, hostile work environment, retaliation, overtime and minimum wages, unemployment claims, non-competition covenant claims, and various other claims alleging types of unlawful or wrongful termination.  Mr. Mavrick has also handled many cases involving allegations of breach of non-competition covenants and allegations involving breach of the common law employee duty of loyalty.  Mr. Mavrick also has experience with claims involving the Family Medical Leave Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act, including its January 2009 amendments expanding the reach of the statute.  Mr. Mavrick frequently advises small and medium-sized businesses regarding compliance with employment laws.

Mr. Mavrick has practiced law for over 25 years and has extensive experience in representing businesses who have legal issues with their employees.  His experience includes counseling businesses when employees threaten claims against them, file claims with the EEOC or the Florida Commission on Human Relations against their former employers, or file lawsuits alleging the businesses did not comply with the law.  The Mavrick Law Firm has successfully represented many businesses in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Palm Beach who were accused of employment discrimination.  These employment discrimination claims have included accusations of discrimination on the bases of race, national origin, ethnicity, age, sex, disability as well as claims of unlawful retaliation based on allegedly protected conduct.  Mr. Mavrick has successfully responded to and opposed charges of discrimination that former employees filed with the EEOC and the Florida Commission on Human Relations against their former employers.  Mr. Mavrick has also has successfully defended many businesses who were sued for employment discrimination claims in federal and state courts.

Mr. Mavrick’s Fort Lauderdale employment law practice represents employers and management in various labor/employment law cases and advises businesses in the protection of their interests and compliance with the law. Mr. Mavrick has the highest peer-review rating from Martindale-Hubbell, of AV.  He also has a rating of 10 out of 10 from lawyer rating service AVVO.

The Mavrick Law Firm’s Fort Lauderdale labor and employment attorneys have substantial and successful trial experience in both federal and state courts and agencies.  This includes trial victories on behalf of employers in connection with wage claims, alleged employer taxation claims, and non-competition covenant claims.  Some recent Mavrick Law Firm cases include:

  1. A 2017 victory by persuading a court to deny class certification in an employment law case;
  2. A 2017 victory on behalf of a corporate employer by persuading a federal court to dismiss the plaintiff’s labor law case with prejudice;
  3. A 2016 trial victory in his representation of a Broward County employer;
  4. A 2016 successful representation of a business by obtaining dismissal of a pregnancy discrimination claim in Broward County, Florida;
  5. A second 2016 victory on behalf of another Broward County business in a pregnancy discrimination case;
  6. An excellent result in 2015 by obtaining dismissal of a worker’s compensation retaliation claim seeking large damages against a corporate employer;
  7. An August 2013 trial victory on behalf of a corporate employer who was sued for overtime and other wages in Broward County, Florida;
  8. A March 2013 trial victory on behalf of a corporate employer in a worker’s compensation case; and
  9. A July 2012 trial victory on behalf of a corporate employer in an employment law case in federal court in Miami, Florida. 

Mr. Mavrick has succeeded in obtaining dismissal of employment discrimination lawsuits against businesses and in obtaining dismissal of overtime and other wage claims on legal grounds.  He also has been able to persuade plaintiffs’ attorneys and their clients to refrain from filing threatened claims because the facts and law render the claims meritless.  Mr. Mavrick also has been able to negotiate favorable resolutions of claims for businesses, saving employers from the cost and time of litigation.  Mr. Mavrick has extensive experience and success in representing employers against unemployment compensation claims.

The Fort Lauderdale labor and employment attorneys at the Mavrick Law Firm have also drafted arbitration agreements to protect employers from the expense of court litigation, and have successfully enforced such agreements in court to require the plaintiff to initiate arbitration. Arbitration is sometimes a preferred venue for employers because the former employee may have to share the expense of the arbitrator. This can minimize the existence of frivolous or “nuisance value” claims being filed against employers in court because the employee or his or her attorney would have to pay legal fees to the arbitrator to proceed with the claim. The additional expenses can dissuade employees from bringing such potential frivolous or nuisance value claims against a former employer.

The Mavrick Law Firm’s Fort Lauderdale labor and employment attorneys regularly advise businesses regarding important problems with their employees.  For example, Mr. Mavrick advises Human Resources departments considering employee demotions and terminations to be in compliance with the law.  Mr. Mavrick has extensive knowledge involving federal employment laws, including anti-discrimination laws, the Family and Medical Leave Act, statutes governing polygraph examination of employees, laws governing the payment of wages, and other laws governing employer-employee relations.  Many of these situations require not only knowledge of the laws, but also good judgment based on experience and understanding of people and the likely viewpoint of the court system if it were involved in the dispute.  Mr. Mavrick is very responsive to employer needs for prompt and effective service.

Mr. Mavrick has been selected each year to speak at many employment law seminars for attorneys and human resources professionals. Mr. Mavrick’s speaking engagements have included employment discrimination claims that include race discrimination, age discrimination, sexual harassment, whistleblower status, worker’s compensation retaliation, retaliation under the Fair Labor Standards Act for complaining about overtime or minimum wages, claims for disability discrimination under the Americans With Disabilities Act, and claims under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Mr. Mavrick also has taught attorneys and human resources professionals about issues related to employment termination and regarding defending against claims for wages under Florida law and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

How Employment Law Cases Are Handled

Mr. Mavrick meets with his clients and carefully discusses the case details and objectives.  Mr. Mavrick also reviews important case documents, such as contracts, employee handbooks, and time/wage records.  Mr. Mavrick is in regular communication with his clients regarding the progress of the case, case status, and strategy. Mr. Mavrick is familiar with the various employment laws governing employer-employee relationships.  Mr. Mavrick also has substantial experience over many years and multiple claims and disputes with non-competition covenant law, including handling the defense of claims and prosecuting non-competition agreement claims.  Mr. Mavrick has drafted non-competition covenants for employers in diverse industries.

Mr. Mavrick graduated with honors from Harvard Law School in 1992.  He was awarded entry to Phi Beta Kappa.