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The Mavrick Law Firm’s Palm Beach office is conveniently located in central Palm Beach County at 4440 PGA Boulevard, Suite 600-A, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Mr. Mavrick has successfully represented many clients in Palm Beach employment litigation, non-compete litigation, and business litigation in Palm Beach Circuit Court (the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit in and for Palm Beach County, Florida) and the federal court located in Palm Beach.

The Mavrick Law Firm has had substantial successes in the federal and state courts in Palm Beach.

Peter Mavrick is a Palm Beach non-compete lawyer who successfully defended a business along with its owner who were sued for breach of a non-compete, theft of trade secrets, and tortious interference with business relationships in West Palm Beach circuit court. Mr. Mavrick’s clients counterclaimed on the grounds that the non-compete was not enforceable. Mr. Mavrick was most importantly able to prove that the non-compete was invalid and unenforceable. Mr. Mavrick also proved there was no theft of trade secrets. Mr. Mavrick demonstrated in the litigation that the allegedly “stolen” information was in truth never stolen. The subject information actually was readily available from public sources. Mr. Mavrick also was able to prove that the subject information did not qualify as a legal trade secret under Florida law based on the statutory definition of the term “trade secret” as interpreted by state and federal courts in Florida. The result of the litigation is that Mr. Mavrick obtained dismissal of the case and the former employer and plaintiff reimbursed Mr. Mavrick’s clients for their legal expense in defending the lawsuit.

In another Palm Beach non-compete lawsuit (in Palm Beach Circuit Court), Mr. Mavrick successfully represented a former employee who had started a competing business. After the employee’s former lawyer lost the temporary injunction hearing to the former employer and was threatened by the former employer with a motion to hold him in contempt of court, the former employee discharged his lawyer and hired Mr. Mavrick to defend him. The former employer also demanded an exorbitant amount as damages. The alleged damages, however, were not valid and the former employer was using the invalid claim of “damages” to financially cripple the former employee and drive him into bankruptcy. Mr. Mavrick successfully represented his client by amending his client’s pleadings to raise additional defenses to the lawsuit, demanding a jury trial, and going on offense to show that the non-compete covenant was unenforceable and there were no lawful damages. The case thereafter settled favorably to Mr. Mavrick’s client. Mr. Mavrick is a zealous Palm Beach non-compete lawyer who takes very seriously the dangers that non-competes pose to his clients.

In another case, Mr. Mavrick successfully represented a business in Palm Beach federal court that was sued by a person claiming he was a former employee who was the victim of federal labor law violations. Peter Mavrick is a Palm Beach employment attorney who has successfully represented numerous businesses in labor and employment lawsuits. The plaintiff’s attorney tried to use this employment lawsuit as a “test case” to extort a settlement or win at trial, and thereby encourage other former employees to sue Mr. Mavrick’s client for the very same thing. Mr. Mavrick’s client refused to settle the case. In the federal court case, Mr. Mavrick carefully prepared for the plaintiff’s deposition and trial, and used the plaintiff’s pretrial deposition to show the jury that the plaintiff was lying and simply trying to get money he did not deserve by appealing to the jury’s sympathy. It became apparent at trial that the jury did not believe the plaintiff’s story. The jury’s verdict was completely in favor of Mr. Mavrick’s client.

Mr. Mavrick also has represented many Palm Beach businesses in business disputes and litigation. Peter Mavrick is a Palm Beach business litigation attorney who recently and successfully represented a business that was sued in Palm Beach Circuit Court by an unscrupulous vendor. The vendor, a Palm Beach company, claimed it was the victim of breach of a written contract. The plaintiff brought his lawsuit because the contract was not well written and was susceptible to more than one interpretation. The plaintiff’s lawsuit attempted to exploit the possible interpretations of the contract by advocating the one most favorable to the plaintiff. Despite the ambiguities in the contract, Mr. Mavrick was able prove that his client did not breach the contract and was the true victim because the only party breaching the contract was the plaintiff. The case ultimately settled on favorable terms to Mr. Mavrick’s client.

The Palm Beach business, employment, and non-compete litigation attorneys at the Mavrick Law Firm effectively represent clients in, and have a good understanding of, Palm Beach state and federal courts. The Judges in both courts are experienced with cases involving complex legal and factual issues. The Palm Beach state and federal courts are fair and just venues for resolution of legal disputes.

In all cases, to successfully represent clients in litigation it is essential that attorneys understand the nuances of the local court system and its approach and timing to decide cases and resolve legal disputes. The Mavrick Law Firm understands the court system in Palm Beach County’s federal and state courts. The Mavrick Law Firm provides superb legal representation to clients who have been sued in Palm Beach.

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