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Arbitration is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional litigation because arbitration proceedings are faster and more cost effective. Many would-be litigants are incorporating binding arbitration clauses into their agreements for the economic benefits. However, parties who enter agreements with arbitration clauses should consider the conclusive nature of an arbitration proceeding. As arbitration clauses become prevalent in the consumer and commercial context, more and more individuals and businesses will face the reality of an oftentimes-unreviewable arbitration award. The Mavrick Law Firm has significant experience with assessing the validity of arbitration clauses and successfully representing clients in arbitration proceedings.

The Revised Florida Arbitration Code allows parties to arbitration to file a motion to vacate, modify, or correct an award in limited circumstances. See §§ 682.13 – 682.14, Fla. Stat. § 682.13 provides, in part, that a court can vacate an arbitration award only if:

(a) The award was procured by corruption, fraud…(b) There was:1. Evident partiality by an arbitrator …3. Misconduct by an arbitrator prejudicing the rights of a party to the arbitration proceeding; (c) An arbitrator refused to postpone the hearing upon showing of sufficient cause for postponement, refused to hear evidence material to the controversy, …(d) An arbitrator exceeded the arbitrator’s powers;(e) There was no agreement to arbitrate …(f) The arbitration was conducted without proper notice …

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